FYXER is redefining how companies look at the Executive Assistant role. We hire full-time, best in class Executive Assistants. Armed with our platform and processes we hire the best EAs who work with our client base of heavy hitting entrepreneurs. FYXER is the leading Virtual Executive Assistant firm in the U.K.

FYXER is hiring constantly and consistently, we have some positions left to fill for 2018, and are looking to hire ahead for 2019 too.

Please check out our Fyxer role- which is full time and salaried.

We also offer a Co-Fyxer role, which is the ultimate in Flexibility.

We're also very interested in speaking to people who would like to work on different timezones, whether based in the UK, the US or anywhere else in the world!

The timezone we're especially interested in at the moment, is East Coast USA.

Apply today!

Current openings